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WWAY on CBS – Frequently Asked Questions

When did CBS begin to air on WWAY?
January 1, 2017
What channel can I watch all my CBS programs on?
ATMC: 13 and 913
DIRECTV: 5 (ABC remains on 3, CW on 4)
Dish: 10
TWC/Charter: Depending on where you are and if you were TWC or Charter before they merged, CBS could be on 4, 5 or 12, 709 and 1209 (ABC remains on 1200, CW is on 1212)

These listings are subject to change. If you subscribe to cable or satellite check your channel guide to confirm.

Can I view CBS over the air?
Yes! ABC is on channel 3.1, CBS is on channel 3.2 and CW is on channel 3.3
Can I watch CBS be in High Definition?
Yes! CBS is in HD format.
Will ABC programming change?
No, ABC programming will remain the same.
Will CBS sports programming change?
WWAY CBS is the new home of the NFL, The PGA Tour and March Madness.
Will CBS and ABC merge?
No. WWAY now broadcasts ABC, CBS and Cape Fear CW.
What happened to COZI TV?
WWAY no longer broadcasts COZI TV as of Jan. 1, 2017.