Student forced to clean school bathroom with toothbrush, grandmother says

Toilet paper (Photo: Pexels)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WSOC) — A 9-year-old girl was told to clean a South Carolina elementary school bathroom with a toothbrush after she put too much tissue in the toilet, according to her grandmother.

“A toothbrush and cleaning supplies to clean the floor,” the child’s grandmother, Irene Avery, said. “It was more than I could take and I just find it so belittling to a child to do such a thing as this. I don’t care what they did.”

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Avery said there were potential health hazards that came with the punishment.

“The toothbrush could have caused her death,” Avery said. “That toothbrush could have had enough germs on it to make her sick — to kill her — and I am very, very angry.”

Chesterfield County School Board members said to their knowledge, the incident was handled already. Channel 9 contacted the Chesterfield County school district about the incident and the employment status of the principal at Jefferson Elementary School.

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